June 29, 2010 by Ally

Fuck off. Whether you like it or not, I’mma keep calling all you old hags saggy vaginas. Because one, I can. And two, it annoys you and I like annoying people. I don’t care if you call me childish or immature because I have plenty of time to to grow up until I reach your age.

I am seriously creeped out by fans who are older than 30. If you’re in your 20’s, I’m still okay with the idea, but seriously, once you hit 30, find a band that’s more age-appropriate. AND DON’T GIVE ME CRAP THAT YOU’RE ONLY IN IT FOR THE MUSIC. Almost 100% of TH fans are fans because they think they’re hot. TH has decent music, but you are blatantly lying if you say you’re only in it for the music. You know deep down you wanna tap those asses. Quit lying.